Powering the GaN Ecosystem

Gallium Nitride, which is already lighting up our world through LEDs,
is poised to change the way we consume electricity and communicate wirelessly.
We, at the Gallium Nitride Ecosystem Enabling Centre and Incubator
are creating the ecosystem to welcome this GaN-centric future.

Powering a Network

Partner with us to co-create
a GaN-centric future!

Powering Industry

Collaborate with us to usher in
the age of GaN technology!

Powering the Aspiring Entrepreneur

Great ideas can come from anywhere, and
we are ready to give yours a jumpstart!

Powering Academia

Leverage our facilities to bridge academic
and industrial GaN R&D


GEECI invites the first round of applications for its newly launched Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Program

If you are an individual entrepreneur or early-stage startup with an innovative idea for a GaN technology solution, this is just the program for you!

The GEECI EIR program will give you access to best-in-class resources to de-risk and solidify your plans for incubation and company launch.

The GEECI Ecosystem

The Gallium Nitride Ecosystem Enabling Centre and Incubator, or GEECI, is a semiconductor wafer and device production, characterization, and packaging facility; GaN technology incubator; and soon-to-be hub for GaN expertise in India.

It is a Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)-funded initiative of the Foundation for Science, Innovation, and Development (FSID), a section 8 company, and the incubation arm of IISc, India’s leading institution for higher learning.

Creating a Network

Come be a part of our journey towards a GaN-centric future in technology by identifying yourself as a GEECI Network partner or Affiliate partner.

Enabling Entrepreneurs

The pre-incubation and incubation arms of GEECI aim to give aspiring entrepreneurs the platform and tools to realize their dreams of starting up in the field of GaN technology.

Facilities to Usher in the GaN Revolution

GEECI houses end-to-end GaN wafer production and RF and power device fabrication, characterization and packaging tools, all under the single roof of the Centre for Nanoscience at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India.

Check out our wafer production and device fabrication tools, hosted in India’s largest academic class 100 clean room facility at the National Nano fabrication Centre (NNfC) Click here!

Check out our characterization tools, hosted in the Micro and Nano Characterization Facility (MNCF) Click here!

Check out our packaging tools, housed in the Systems and Packaging (S&P) facility Click here!

Maximizing the Advantatge of Location

Our strategic location at the Indian Institute of Science in the technology hub of India, Bengaluru, gives us unique advantages.

Tag along to find out how!

GEECI’s Vision

GEECI’s vision is to create an ecosystem of startups, established industry organizations, supply chain companies, equipment manufacturers, and academic institutions to cater to the developing markets of GaN wafers and electronic devices in the power electronics, RF communication, and nitride MEMS sectors.

GEECI’s Mission

GEECI’s mission is to accelerate the pre-incubation and incubation of GaN technology startups as well as provide players in the GaN technology value chain a platform and network to aid the global transition of the semiconductor industry from Si to GaN.

News and Events

Keep an eye on this space to learn what’s fresh in the field of GaN technology in India and across the world!