The infrastructure and human resource available at GEECI can be leveraged by all members of the ecosystem.

We welcome startups, established industry organizations, design houses, the strategic sector, and academic organizations to avail of our services.

Interested parties can write to us, following which we will set up a meeting to better understand your requirements.

The discussion will allow us to tailor an estimate for the services requested, subject to the operational protocol of the fab.

1. Foundry Services
GEECI has an established process flow for discrete power and RF GaN devices and also manufactures epi wafers for applications on both (111) Si and SiC.

Our foundry services currently include the following and are soon to expand:

  • Custom wafer stack growth
  • Fabrication and testing of custom discrete device designs using in-house process flows

In the future, GEECI plans to produce both RF and power PDKs that will allow designers to fabricate integrated solutions using the GEECI process line.

2. Contractual R&D Services
The following R&D services can be made available on a contractual basis:

  • Development of new wafer stacks
  • Development of front-end process modules and processes on existing device platforms such as, ohmic contacts, gates, passivation and dielectric layers, and stacks
  • Development of back-end process modules
  • Device packaging
  • On-wafer and packaged device testing

3. Contractual Manufacturing Services
GEECI is equipped to support small-volume manufacturing of devices with existing process flows.

4. Characterization Services
GEECI facilities allow the RF and power characterization of GaN devices and circuits.

5. Packaging services
GEECI is equipped to support the small-volume packaging of devices with existing process flows.

For more details on our capabilities, visit the Facilities page.