News and Events

2 August 2023

GEECI is proud to announce the installation of a DUV wafer stepper on June 29 2022; a contact mask aligner on December 02, 2022; an RTP tool on February 02, 2023; two e-beam evaporators on February 22, 2023; an ultrasonic wafer dicer and wafer grinder on March 10, 2023;  an electroplating station on June 12, 2023; and 6’’ and 4’’ GaN etching tools on August 2, 2023 as part of its rapidly growing process line.


11 May 2023

GEECI invites the first round of applications for its Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program, which will be mediated by the Foundation for Science, Innovation and Development, IISc Bangalore.

The EIR program, meant for entrepreneurs, groups of entrepreneurs, and early-stage startups with innovative GaN technology-based solutions, is structured to enable the validation of startup ideas and business plans and the development of a comprehensive and evaluation-ready incubation proposal, without the overhead costs of setting up a company.

15 November 2023

Dr. Sridhar Srinivasan is appointed as Chief Executive Officer, GEECI.

Dr. Srinivasan, who comes with a wealth of semiconductor research and technological management experience at esteemed institutions including Gartner, GE Research, and Arizona State University, is charged with leading GEECI’s foundry and incubator business operations.