A major undertaking of GEECI is the incubation and acceleration of startups with GaN-centric technology solutions.

With our existing and growing network and resources, we are primed to help entrepreneurs overcome most challenges involved in making such solutions ready for investment and market launch at a rapid pace.

Allow us to enable the transformation of your ideas to reality today!

Incubation Process

Induction into GEECI as an incubate involves two broad stages – evaluation of where you are in your startup journey and matching you to the perfectly paced program for your needs (pre-incubation/incubation/acceleration)!

1. Screening
At this very first stage of your journey with us, experts in our team will determine whether your GaN-centric technology solution is ready to be guided towards a company launch.

You will also have the opportunity to use our cutting-edge facilities and mentorship to identify any gaps in your existing solution and plans.

Our selection process involves three simple steps:

a. Expression of interest
Here, we will need you to provide basic details regarding your team, the problem you are trying to solve, the GaN-based solution to this problem you wish to work on, and how you feel GEECI can help you achieve your goals. You will receive next steps from our team within a week of application.

b. Technical and IP due diligence
Once we screen your expression of interest, an expert from our team will reach out to you in order to determine the novelty and technical feasibility of your proposed solution.

c. Selection committee review:
Startups with proposals identified as being novel and feasible in the previous step, will be called to present their solution, funding, and business plan in deep detail to the selection committee. Finally, incubatees will be selected based on scores provided by the selection committee.

The scores will be based on the following criteria:

  • Impact, uniqueness, and need of the proposed solution
  • GaN centricity of the solution
  • Need for GEECI in the solution
  • Entrepreneurial quotient of the team
  • Identification of target customer segments and benefits to them
  • Understanding of the market, including competition
  • Clarity of the business model and commercialization avenues
  • Understanding of financial and compliance requirements
  • Understanding of risks

2. Pre-incubation via the GEECI EIR Program
If the selection committee sees potential in your idea but identifies gaps in your understanding regarding the execution of your solution and/or business model, you will be offered the chance to participate in the GEECI EIR program. This will enable you to improve your incubation and business plans and reapply for incubation from a better standpoint.

Alternatively, you can apply to this program from the outset based on your understanding of your startup’s maturity.

3. Incubation
Once you have been inducted into the GEECI incubation program (hurrah!), you will be provided complete access to a wide array of resources:

  • Research and development tools
  • Investor connect
  • IP/Patent advice
  • Workspace and meeting rooms
  • Telephone and WiFi connections
  • Medical insurance

Due to the strategic location of GEECI at the Centre for Nanoscience and Engineering, IISc, you will also be able to avail other resources available in the department at special rates during and up to one year post-incubation.

4. Acceleration
If your startup has a minimal viable product that the GEECI team can guide towards a launch, you will be put through an accelerator program, with the same benefits as described for the incubation program.

Flow Chart of the Incubation Process